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Employee Wellness and Wellbeing Programmes

Bespoke employee wellbeing programmes to increase productivity and engagement, improve culture and reduce absenteeism. Individual plans delivering real, measurable results.

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Why Wellbeing Matters


Workplace absences cost UK businesses nearly 29bn a year in lost productivity or additional staffing costs (PwC)


Wellness programmes result in 82% reduced sickness absence (PwC)


Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202% reduced sickness absence (Gallup)


Engaged employees in companies that promote a culture of wellbeing (EIU)

Why Choose TAC Healthcare ?

A 360 Approach to Wellbeing

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Establishing baseline health and developing bespoke plans and delivering real results alongside ongoing engagement campaigns.

Combining Technology with Experience

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Integrating biometric screening and multi-disciplinary teams from physiotherapists to dietitians and behavioural change experts.

Ongoing Engagement and Check-ins

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Ongoing support for your colleagues to ensure they are fully supported and engaged to achieve the best outcome.

WIN-WIN for Your People and Business

From Measurement to Meaningful Results

Benefits of our bespoke Wellbeing Programmes include:

Increased Productivity - Wellbeing focus improves productivity and overall health by reducing stress, increasing job satisfaction, and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
Increased Engagement - Reduce presenteeism and increase employee engagement by promoting physical, mental, and emotional health.
Reduced Absenteeism - Workplaces with comprehensive wellness programmes experience less absenteeism  by addressing root causes of employee health and wellbeing.
✅ Improved Culture - Improved work-life balance and culture which helps to retain colleagues and attract top talent to your organisation.

Our Approach to Wellbeing

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At TAC Healthcare, we deliver tailored health and wellbeing solutions across diverse UK industries. Our comprehensive suite of services include absence management, health screenings, support for drug and alcohol issues among many other specialties services, designed to keep your workforce safe and well.

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