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MERT Training

TAC will provide delegates with the skills to respond to an emergency and provide treatment as an individual or as a team. The training will be both classroom and scenario based to provide hands on experience of management of an incident.

Medical Emergency Response Team

About MERT Courses

Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) programme provides advanced medical emergency training to non-healthcare professionals. This training furnishes each MERT member with the skills to provide immediate and temporary care to a seriously ill or injured employee at the workplace. This care is delivered during “everyday” emergencies and in the event of an incident (such an, explosion, chemical spill, etc.).

Available Courses

Medical Training

✅ Abdominal Emergencies
✅ Human Factors
✅ CPR Training – AED Training
✅ Heart Attack
✅ Stroke
✅ Diabetes
✅ Dizziness/Syncope (fainting)
✅ Seizures
✅ Poisoning
✅ Drug Overdoses
✅ Psychiatric

Trauma Related Training

✅ Thoracic Trauma
✅ Abdominal Trauma
✅ Head Trauma
✅ Spine Trauma
✅ Extremity Trauma
✅ Burn Trauma
✅ Electrical Trauma
✅ Wounds & Bandaging
✅ Violence in the Workplace

Other Emergency Training

✅ Psychological Aspects of Care
✅ Lifting & Moving Techniques
✅ Vital Signs: Pulse, Blood Pressure Techniques, etc.
✅ Basic CPR and First Aid skills and additional CPR team training
✅ Written Documentation
✅ Radio Communication