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TAC Healthcare Group

TAC Healthcare Group offers a range of treatments, procedures and diagnostic assessments delivered by our outstanding team of GP’s, Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Consultants, Counsellors and Nurse Practitioners.

TAC Healthcare Group has developed a newly refurbished centre in Dyce from which to base all clinical activity in Aberdeen. The business is on the national frameworks for clinical services for the NHS in Scotland, Wales, Southern Ireland, and England. We are a flexible and responsive provider of the highest quality healthcare, providing bespoke solutions to our client base. Each service delivered is unique to every situation but with a clinical ethos at the heart of our organisation, our focus is always on delivering the highest quality care.

Our extensive team of specialist health care providers across variable fields ensure a truly patient centred approach with our clinical specialists providing excellent clinical care to each and every patient with the BEST available treatment.

TAC has always provided ad-hoc occupational healthcare but with the appointment of a MFOM accredited director of occupational health in 2019 we have developed the capability and infrastructure to provide an overall service.We pride ourselves on having over 25 years knowledge of the local and wider medical community. Our ability to identify the most competent and experienced clinical teams, along with our extensive knowledge of their capabilities gives our clients the reassurance that our level of care will be the best possible.

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