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Referral Process

Referral guidance for occupational health, private insurance, phlebotomy and private GP healthcare.

Occupational Health Referrals

If you are referred by your company Doctor (OHP) for further consultation/investigation, then please book by contacting us at:

Email: OH@tachealthcare.com
Call: 0333 014 3488

Please ensure that you have authorisation for the appointment charges prior to attending, we will require a Purchase Order (PO) from your company for all consultations/procedures before attending.

Appointment can be booked via your PMI where applicable. Please see Private Insurance Referral Process.

Private Insurance Health Referrals

Should you wish to utilise your private healthcare at TAC Healthcare please quote the provider number.

AXAPPP - H10302
AVIVA - 800003030
BUPA - 60011938
CIGNA - A25101
WPA - 920663106

Phlebotomy Private Referrals Process

Please note that blood tests may be requested by a GP referral or privately. Depending on the blood tests required our team will advise you at the time of request if you need a GP referral.

Where you have concerns that you have not raised with your GP around illness we can make an appointment with one of our GPs who will then advise the tests required. This also gives you the option of a follow up with our GP where required.

Please be advised that any further discussion with regard to your blood results must be with either your own GP or at a follow up appointment with a TAC GP.

GP to Private Referral Process

If you are a General Practitioner and would like to refer for a private consultation, please book by:

Email: admin@tachealthcare.com
Call: 0333 014 3488

Or via the NHS SCI portal – please select the drop down option of non-NHS entities, selecting TAC Healthcare.

Please advise that your patient has been fully informed of the payment required for any private referral. If required, the team at TAC Healthcare will provide a cost prior to arranging the appointment.

Should your patient request a private referral please refer them to the Private Insurance and Self Referral process, please ensure that they have the appropriate referral letter to support the request.