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Offshore Medic Diving Awareness

TAC Healthcare Offshore Medic Diving Awareness Course is designed for medics with a current HSE Offshore Medic course certificate and provides an introduction to the commercial diving sector from the perspective of the offshore medic. This course lasts five days and is delivered face-to-face at our classroom in Wellheads, Aberdeen or at client site on request.

Introducing Medics to the Commercial Diving Sector

About Offshore Medic Diving Awareness Course

During our comprehensive offshore medic diving awareness course, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills essential for excelling as an offshore medic in the dive support vessel environment. The course syllabus and objectives will empower you to confidently undertake the critical role of safeguarding the wellbeing of divers and crew members. Our experts will guide you in competencies including managing diver health, diving regulations and the medics role within the context of a dive support vessel.

Course Overview

Course Syllabus

✅ Emergency preparedness and evacuation of divers
✅ The role of the medic on a diving support vessel
✅ The dive system and those who make it work
✅ History of commercial offshore diving
✅ Introduction to DMAC
✅ Dive related illnesses
✅ Dive related injuries
✅ Regulations
✅ Gas laws

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course include:

✅ Managing Diver Health: Gain a deep understanding of the various illnesses and injuries that divers might encounter while working offshore. Learn how to provide effective medical care and support in challenging underwater conditions.

✅ Diving Regulations: Familiarise yourself with the intricate web of diving regulations that are pertinent to medics working on dive support vessels. This knowledge is essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of all personnel involved in offshore diving operations.

✅ Medic's Role: Explore the unique responsibilities and role of a medic within the context of a dive support vessel. Understand how your skills contribute to maintaining a safe and productive environment for diving operations.

Course Requirements

Offshore medic course qualification with 18 months validity (Please note - must include thrombolysis module).


Delegates will be assessed by multiple choice paper.