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Flexible Mobile Healthcare Units

Experience occupational healthcare on your doorstep. A flexible and convenient healthcare option for managing your workforce. Our fully-equipped medical units can provide multiple services in a single visit, including fitness to work assessments, mandatory health surveillance, wellness campaigns, and drug and alcohol testing.

Bringing Healthcare to Your Doorstep

Why Choose TAC Healthcare ?

Flexible Scheduling Options

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Reduces operational impact to operations, disruption. Maximises convenience and efficiency.

Fully Equipped to Deliver Multiple Services

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Teams to support fitness to work, wellness, health surveillance and drug and alcohol testing.

Cost Effective Option with No Restrictions

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Mobile units for onsite health services can save your business valuable time and money.

Anyplace, Anytime

Our Flexible Range of Mobile Health Services

Our mobile units are self-contained and designed to support various health screening processes, with audio booths and testing facilities available if needed.

Our schedule supports annual fitness to work campaigns and mandatory health checks, reducing the need for staff to attend clinics and minimising operational time and cost impact, while also helping to reduce carbon footprint.

✅ Fitness to work assessments
✅ Alcohol and drug testing
✅ Wellness campaigns
✅ Health surveillance

Learn More About Our Occupational Health Services

At TAC Healthcare, we deliver tailored health and wellbeing solutions across diverse UK industries. Our comprehensive suite of services include absence management, health screenings, support for drug and alcohol issues among many other specialties services, designed to keep your workforce safe and well.

Find out about our full range of services and how they can benefit your business.