Our Brands

Flexible Delivery Options

We cater for a diverse range of industries and clients, understanding that each client has unique requirements. Consequently, we adopt an strategy for service provision, encompassing a variety of delivery methods.

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We offer a growing portfolio of health clinics, strategically located throughout various regions in the UK, ensuring accessible healthcare services to our clients.

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Choose between permanent on-site clinics, functioning as an integral part of your organisation, or alternatively, we can provide visits to your locations on a demand-driven basis whenever our services are required.

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Benefit from our mobile healthcare units, delivering occupational services. These units offer a range of services in one visit, fostering flexibility in managing workforce health. Learn more.

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Online (iOH)

iOH is a cloud-based, secure platform catering to all your occupational health management necessities. It is utilised by our clients and medical teams, offering a centralised, real-time health record. Learn more.

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We collaborate with our clients to guarantee consistency, loyalty, and comprehension of remote work complexities under sound clinical governance - providing access to qualified professionals. Learn more.

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24/7 topside support - our team of medical professionals have extensive experience of the requirements of the provision of adequate first aid and basic health care for all personnel. Learn more.