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Medical Resourcing Services

TAC Healthcare have an extensive team that can be mobilised to any site to support your specific needs. Directly within the OH team we can provide support specialisms including occupational health physicians, occupational health advisors, offshore medics, industrial hygiene, physiotherapy, counselling and specialist consultant services.

On Demand Clinical Resourcing

Why Choose TAC Healthcare?

Multidisciplinary On Demand Teams

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Providing access to a varied team of expertise - offering flexibility to your health unique needs and ensuring holistic care.

Industry Leading Experience

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Harnessing decades of industry knowledge to offer unparalleled insights and practical solutions for occupational health.

Seamless Transition Between Specialties

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Ensuring smooth shift across specialties, maximising efficiency and effectiveness in delivering health solutions.

Available Courses

Occupational Health Physician

Our Occupational Health Physicians have a wide range of expertise and qualifications consisting of Fellow of Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FFOM), Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (MFOM), Diploma of Occupational Medicine. Encompassed in that there is a wide range of experience in the Energy Sector, Remote Medicine and Corporate support. The strength of the team is the wide-ranging knowledge held and diverse consultations that have been seen over their cumulative experience.

Occupational Health Advisors

The nursing and technician team ensure that the service provision throughout the locations is consistent and applicable to any client. Providing Health Surveillance, Occupational Health Assessments and Medicals. We provide convenient workplace, remote and off-site (face-to-face), mobile unit services to all types of organisations from SMEs to large single & multiple site operations.

Offshore Medics

TAC Healthcare has over 80 medics working offshore who are responsible both for preserving and promoting the mental and physical health of all personnel and for responding to and ensuring the safe management of patients who need emergency care.   

TAC Healthcare fully appreciate that offshore medics are the sole clinician responsible for all personnel health offshore and we endeavour to provide medics of a higher standard. This means utilising the wider TAC Healthcare capability to provide current practice, exposure to training and practical application and maintaining any skills fade that can arise within any remote location post.

Industrial Hygiene

Out team of three Industrial hygienists ensure that our clients enhance the health, safety, and environment of people at work.

Our team work closely with our clients assessing your facility, evaluating indoor air quality, ventilation/air circulation, environmental stressors, and risk of human exposure to biological, chemical, physical, and other hazardous contaminants. They can also help facility managers with emergency response planning, health and safety planning, feasibility studies, property risk assessments, OSHA compliance, job hazard analysis, soil analysis, and more.

Additionally, if people are experiencing negative health symptoms in a building such as headaches, hearing loss, difficulty breathing, or other signs of illness or Sick Building Syndrome, Industrial Hygienists can investigate your facility for contributing factors or causes.


Our in-house Physiotherapists support our clients when they have been impacted by an illness or injury that impacted your ability to move or carry out daily tasks. Our OH team may refer you to a physiotherapist to get you back on your feet. Our physiotherapist works with patients to help them manage pain, balance, mobility and motor function.

Our team will work with you to develop a customised program designed to restore as much as possible. They take a holistic (whole-body) approach, addressing not only the physical aspects of your well-being, but also your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. They work at all stages of healthcare, including prevention, education, intervention, rehabilitation and treatment.


Our psychotherapist is a mental health professional, who helps people learn to manage their illness and emotional problems in their daily life.  

Psychotherapy helps people work through their problems. It is a collaborative approach that involves a patient talking with a psychotherapist who is objective, neutral and non-judgmental.

Working to help identify and change thoughts and behaviours that inhibit a person from moving forward and overcoming any issues that may be impacting their daily life.

Research has shown that about 75% of people who undergo psychotherapy show some benefit from it. Some studies have shown that brain changes resulting from psychotherapy are similar to those that result from medication.

Specialist Consultant Services

Through the wider TAC Healthcare Group we can access:

✅ Radiographers
✅ Sonographers
✅ Specialist Consultants:
✅ Cardiology
✅Women’s Health
✅General Surgery

We have an extended clinical network that can be accessed via our existing clinical teams. Where the specialism you require is not listed above, please give us a call and we will endeavour to help where we can.

Learn More About Our Occupational Health Services

At TAC Healthcare, we deliver tailored health and wellbeing solutions across diverse UK industries. Our comprehensive suite of services include absence management, health screenings, support for drug and alcohol issues among many other specialties services, designed to keep your workforce safe and well.

Find out about our full range of services and how they can benefit your business.