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Occupational health medicals are critical procedures designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, particularly those in high-risk industries like offshore energy production. TAC Healthcare offers medicals for workers including Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Offshore Energies UK (OEUK), MCA.

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Personal Health

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Our accredited medical examinations will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your health status.

Workplace Safety and Compliance

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Health checks to ensure that you are fit for duty, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Support for Long-term Wellbeing

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Our health assessments not only focus on current health status but also on potential future risks.

Occupational Health Medicals

OEUK has a clear-cut policy that necessitates regular medical examinations for all offshore workers. These evaluations help ascertain whether an individual is physically and mentally equipped to handle the demanding offshore environment.

Similarly, the HSE enforces stringent standards for offshore health assessments as part of its mission to prevent work-related death, injury, and ill health. Both OEUK and HSE medicals typically encompass a wide range of health checks, including cardiovascular, respiratory, vision, and hearing tests, along with mental health assessments and musculoskeletal screenings.

Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) formerly OGUK

The policy of Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) mandates regular medical examinations for all individuals working offshore, ensuring they are fit to perform their duties in the offshore environment.

Health and Safety Executive Medical (HSE)

According to the Diving at Work Regulations 1997, in order to dive at work in the UK all divers must have a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive, issued by an HSE Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED). The certificate of medical fitness to dive is valid up to a maximum of 12 months.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

All Approved Doctors must be registered with the General Medical Council of Great Britain and have a current Licence to Practice, or be qualified from a Medical School listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Their appointment as an MCA Approved Doctor is reviewed annually by the MCA's Chief Medical Advisor.


The GB medical standards for driver licensing refer to Group 1 and Group 2 licence holders:

- Group 1 includes cars and motorcycles
- Group 2 includes large lorries (category C) and buses (category D)

In most cases, the medical standards for Group 2 drivers are substantially higher than for Group 1 drivers. This is because of the size and weight of the vehicle and the length of time an occupational driver typically spends at the wheel.


Medical Requirements for overseas medical work visas.
Before departing to overseas for employment, all expats must first check the requirement to undergo a medical examination in order to obtain a work visa. This requirement applies to all individuals above the age of 18. The medical test for a visa is essentially a requirement to evaluate the health and fitness of expatriates to make sure they are medically fit to work and are free of contagious diseases. 

Who needs to take the medical test?
All expatriates seeking to obtain work permits or residence visas in are required to take the medical test. Moreover, the same regulations also apply to the families of workers. The law mandates that every adult family member (above the age of 18) have a medical examination before being granted country entry.

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