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iOH Occupational Healthcare Platform

iOH is a cloud-based and highly secure platform designed for all your occupational health management needs.​ The platform is fully utilised by our clients, medical, offshore medics and admin teams, providing a truly centralised live health record.

Empowering Occupational Health Management

Why Choose TAC Healthcare ?

Our browser based cloud hosted Occupational Health iOH software system allows our clinical teams to work remotely from any location onshore or offshore anywhere in the world; there is no requirement to be tied to one specific site while also allowing information sharing capabilities. The system has a number of intuitive portals that allow our clinical staff both on and offsite to enter information directly into the system in real-time, reducing the need for postal and scanned copies, in turn increasing our GDPR compliance.

Time Saving Intuitive Functionality

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Allowing clinicians to work onshore or offshore anywhere in the world with real-time data input and ability to complete remote paperwork online.

Designed, Developed and Updated In-house

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We take an agile approach to enhance the system as requirements or areas of improvement are identified - continually improving the platform.

Built With Data Security in Mind

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We hold ISO 27001, ICO, HIS accreditation and registrations alongside GDPR compliance providing the highest level of security.

Fully Integrated Occupational Health System

iOH is fully utilised by all of our medical resourcing including our Topside Doctors.

Portals available for:
✅ Providers ✅ Employers

✅ Clinical Form Builder embedded to allow user configuration for all consultation types.
✅ “One worker, one record” is at the heart of the system with appropriate sharing and controls.
✅ Generates Certificates immediately after the consultation is completed and makes them available to the worker and employer.
✅ Cloud based and fully secured to NHS level Information Governance standard.
✅ Ability to set automated recall schedules and bespoke reporting.

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Dynamic Data Management

Developed in-house iOH can adapt quickly, supporting unique functionalities not available in
off-the-shelf systems.

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iOH is hosted on AWS, ensuring strict adherence to data security regulations.

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Efficient Data Reporting

iOH automates common tasks, saving time, and allows for detailed individual and group data reporting.

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Data Encryption and Compliance

iOH encrypts all data using AES-128 and adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998, ensuring sensitive information remains secured.

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Data Reporting

The system saves our clients time by automating common tasks, such as booking an appointment, producing a list of appointment recalls, providing reports to management, and accessing certification or health reports from any location. Standard reports include:

✅ YTD spend profile
✅ Attendance
✅ Cancellations
✅ No-shows
✅ Look Ahead
✅ Recall
✅ Locations utilised (Network)
✅ Appointment metrics.

The system allows for detailed reporting on all captured data on both an individual and group level.  

Data Management

Our systems, including iOH, are fully designed, developed, and supported in-house which means we can quickly develop and enhance the system as the requirements change or areas of improvement are identified.

As the iOH system was designed specifically to support the TAC Healthcare OH team delivering services to our clients it already has functionality that commercial off-the-shelf systems do not have such as the ability to configure new clinical templates and new certificates which are automatically e-mailed and added to the employer and employee portal as soon as the appointment ends. We have a sick bay module that is accessible to the medic offshore, Topside and to the clients Medical Adviser so that everyone can see the single version of the case record.


The system is cloud based, hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform who hold UK Government accreditation to hold Patient Data in UK based data centres. The AWS service is subject to annual information security audits to ensure that they comply with the principles of ISO 27001 best practices, policies and procedures for security, privacy, continuity and compliance.

Any, and all information at rest within the Hosted Solution will, under normal circumstances, not be visible and is encrypted to AES-128 using ‘Self Encrypting Drives’ (SED’s). All access is under restricted physical and logical security and the data is classified as sensitive information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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